Circle of Welcome

This circle was created to support Refugees and Asylum seekers in the Northern Suburbs. They focus on providing migration support, emergency relief and one on one support.
This includes:

  • providing food for asylum seekers with no income
  • supporting social support events such as refugee week dinners and camps
  • gathering donations for specific needs.

The Circle raises awareness and advocates for Refugees and Asylum Seekers through various methods including:

  • presentations and lectures
  • convening consultations such as the meeting between the Refugee Council of Australia and the Council Forum
  • writing positive news stories.

We believe we can do more together than we can separately and look to engage other organisations, including other circles, government bodies, schools and the local community, to support our work.

The Circle of Welcome also supports the work of Welcome Salisbury, in particular the “The Welcome Room” which is a safe space for refugees, asylum seekers and new migrants to make friends, learn English and gain new skills. Welcome Salisbury runs a number of regular social support programs including the monthly Welcome Salisbury Dinner, Monday Fun Day social group, school holiday program ‘Welcome Salisbury for Kids’, English classes and conversation sessions.

The long term vision is to engage local community members in becoming the supportive community we believe is possible.Welcome Salisbury is run by a team of passionate volunteers and relies completely on the donations and the support of generous everyday Australians, community groups, faith groups and other organisations. The meeting space and support facilities is made possible thanks to the amazing support of St Johns Anglican Church in Salisbury.

Welcomes Salisbury is also grateful for the support of other circles particularly the engaging, generous and wonderful support provided by the Blackwood Circle of Friends.