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Circle of Friends consists of a number of Circles (groups) that work in various ways to support asylum seekers and refugees
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Concert Fundraiser: JD and the Crabs
30 October 2021, 2-4pm
The Wheatsheaf Hotel (39 George St, Thebarton)
Cost: $20/$15 (+50c booking fee).
You can book tickets here
All proceeds go to Circle 115 for support of refugees and asylum seekers.


Support Refugee Education

The St Ignatius Refugee Education Circle (Circle 106) focuses on helping refugees and asylum seekers gain educational qualifications to enable them to lead dignified lives and to join the Australian workforce in jobs that allow them to support their families appropriately.

Since May this Circle has received an increasing number of referrals for assistance.
Help this Circle support education for refugees and asylum seekers.

Circle of Friends Australia works toward creating a welcoming Australian community which responds in compassion and generosity to all who seek safety and a new life amongst us, giving them hope and friendship and assisting them to adjust and develop into contributing members of our community.



Circle of Friends Australia are local community groups which support refugees and asylum-seekers living in the community, or visit those in detention. Members of each Circle are volunteers who come from a wide range of backgrounds but share a common commitment to welcoming and assisting new arrivals with the difficult process of establishing themselves in a new country, or with the challenges of detention…Read more


Assist in welcoming new arrivals to Australia in the compassionate and generous way that we believe Australians are by:

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