Circle 1: Sharing what we have

Currently Circle 1 is lending a hand to a family of 7 who fled from the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2010. The father arrived in Australia in 2011 and received a permanent Visa. In the years since he has sponsored his wife (now 70) and each of his children with the last 3 arriving in June 2018. They are living on 1 Pension and 1 Special Benefit. Funds are urgently needed for food, rent, utilities, Metro cards, a shared mobile phone and personal items.

We are looking for donations of $5 per week (or more). These can be paid monthly or up front. We are also seeking once-off amounts e.g. $56 for a student Metro card, $70 for a driving lesson. There will be a review of need in June 2019.

If you would like to know more, email Trish Dundon (Hart), Co-Convenor. To help now, make a donation via our secure GiveNow platform or contact us about making a bank transfer.