Successful Appeal: Help a widow attend her husband’s funeral

With help from Hazara community members and other Donors, this appeal has been funded.  Thank you all who contributed.

In 2017 at the age of 43 an Hazara man from Afghanistan, living in rural South Australia, was diagnosed with late stage colorectal cancer which proved unresponsive to treatment. Early in 2018 clinicians were able to stabilise his illness enough for him to meet his wife and three children in Pakistan. On his return to South Australia and theirs to Afghanistan, they applied for tourist Visas to visit him. These were denied on the grounds they were unlikely to return.

Before a visa for his wife to travel alone was granted he died. This man was in Australia on a temporary protection visa which did not allow him to sponsor his family to join him. As a result he spent the last years of his life in safety but separated from his wife and children. His dying wish as stated in his Will was that his wife would at least be present at his funeral in South Australia.  His Hazara community will organise his funeral and host his widow. However they need to raise around $2000 for her air fares. Any contribution will be deeply appreciated. You can make a donation for this appeal via  our secure GiveNow webpage. When making your donation please specify that donations are for Circle 115).