A Moment of Joy (continued)

(see here for previous installment of Mother and Daughter who spent a year in Australia, while the little girl’s Father remained in offshore detention)

As of the 9th of December 2019 this little girl continues to wait for her Father to come and fill those “Daddy shoes” by the door.

She visits him weekly in the Detention Centre Adelaide’s northern suburbs and knows he is her Baba (Father).

Although she and her mother live under Community Detention their house has become a home. There is a Christmas tree by the front door and our hope is the family will be together by Christmas and have something extra to celebrate with Aussie friends at Christmas lunch on the beach.

The sturdy 1997 Mazda so kindly donated is due for some repairs. Big thank yous to the Willunga Circle and supporters for covering replacement of the drive and timing belts and earlier, two new tyres.

The Rapid Response Circle (Circle 110) has a list of less urgent work to be done so if you would like to help a refugee in need this Christmas you can via our secure GiveNow account. We appreciate every donation small or large – they all contribute to directly helping someone in need.

Trish Dundon, Convenor Circle 110 (Rapid Response Circle)