Looking back on 2019 for the Rapid Response for Refugees Circle

Feedback at last for all of you who so generously support refugees and asylum-seekers, primarily in Adelaide and surrounds, through the Rapid Response Circle (110).

Some good news

“Paul’s” health continues to improve and he is able to stay in Australia for the short term at least (see here for our initial story on “Paul”. At present he is trying to improve his English to better his chances of finding employment. His next Court Hearing will be in 2022. Our Circle has agreed to continue covering his basic costs including medication until February of next year. Any donations to cover this will be appreciated. He is also looking for work.

Who your donations enabled us to support

Thanks to regular donors we have continued our commitment to cover essential medication costs for two refugee parents with serious health problems. These currently total around $200 per month paid directly to the Pharmacies. The amount will possibly increase by $100 in 2020 as additional medications, including for rheumatoid arthritis have been prescribed for one person. We will cover this amount until March 2020 when we will be better able to assess the ongoing funds needed.

We paid for a fortnight’s emergency accommodation in a Caravan Park for a woman and her elderly mother after a car drove into and destroyed their home. During this time they secured another rental property.

Currently we are helping a woman from Afghanistan with two older children whose private rental has been concluded after 8 years. She has limited English, has been assisted with emergency housing by Housing SA and is looking for somewhere permanent. This was possible thanks to money from the Blackwood/Hills Circle. Their help, combined with that of the Willunga Circle, generous individual donors and our $5000 grant in 2019 from Catholic Church Insurances (CCI) Giving Program has enabled us so say “yes” when, at times, we were a little uncertain if funds would be there.

Especially poignant moments arose when we were asked to pay for a child’s funeral. The parents worked but had no savings to bury their child.

These are just a few of the people your donations have helped – gym memberships help with physical and mental health and social contacts, car repairs, RAA membership for a mother with a small child, ambulance cover, a flight to Adelaide from the South East for essential medical care, prescription glasses including for a child after eye surgery, dental treatment for an abscess and shopping cards for warm clothes and food are amongst the many necessities covered.

We have also passed on donations of new bedding and furnishings, curtains, rugs, sofas and other household items in good condition.

We thank you all sincerely for the care, support and advocacy you have provided throughout 2019.

The Rapid Response (Circle 110) Team