Hunger During COVID-19

Last week the Rapid Response for Refugees Circle (Circle 110) was again reminded of the difficulties for refugees and asylum seekers with no income as a result of job losses and their ineligibility for Centrelink support.

At 4.15pm on Thursday, as the sun’s light began to fade, we suddenly wondered what the family of four referred for help that morning would be eating that night.

A quick phone call was made to ask if they had food for that evening. “We have potatoes,” the mother replied. Delicious as fresh potatoes can be, this answer in Adelaide 2020, related as fact without self-pity, was too sad.

Yes, they would go out to buy more food if they had money.

An online transfer to their account, a text when it was done, and the funds were cleared within minutes. A friend had entrusted $50 cash for an emergency and this was it!

Other sites, such as Rural Australians for Refugees and Australian Refugee Action Network, as well as our previous news updates explain how refugees and asylum seekers are facing such dire situations. Circle 110’s role is to deal with the everyday realities. It was a relief to be able to do that for this family of four.

Thank you all for supporting us as we do our best to walk with some of those in life threatening situations during this challenging time. We are very grateful to the outpouring of support for our work in this past week and that it means we do not have to turn away people in need.

Trish, Leeanne and Denise, Circle 110 Co-Convenors