Iranian Women’s Association Campaign for Permanency

The Iranian Women’s Association has launched a petition that says that since COVID-19 has temporarily stopped migration, now is the time for the Australian government to provide permanent visas to refugees and asylum seekers.

The petition points out many of the refugees have lived in our community for many years and have demonstrated their commitment to the Australian way of life, and are highly motivated and often entrepreneurial – they pay their taxes, some have started new businesses and many are highly educated.  
The refugees and asylum seekers did not leave their homelands willingly. They are forced to leave behind their loved ones and livelihoods because it is unsafe for them to stay.  Australia is now their only home, but many only have temporary visas.

Now is the time to provide individuals and families with permanent visas, so they can build their futures with us. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that ‘we’re in this together’, the IWA says. Permanent visas are necessary for people to have a sense of stability and consolidate their sense of belonging. The time is now.

Circle of Friends Australia endorses this petition and encourages you to sign and circulate. The online petition which can be found here.