Adelaide Vigil for Manus and Nauru Event

9 years harm- dont look awayAdelaide Vigil for Manus and Nauru are organizing an event for the 9 Year anniversary of Kevin Rudd announcing that anyone arriving by boat after July 19th 2013 would be ‘processed’ offshore, and ‘will never be settled in Australia’.

This date is significant. It is significant for the over 200 still (after 9 years) being ‘processed’ offshore in PNG and Nauru. It is significant for the 1200+ in Australia on 6-month visas or in Community Detention, who are still told that you ‘will never be settled in Australia’. It is significant for those who have found welcome in other countries and are still healing from the wounds of indefinite detention at the hands of Australia. It is significant for many Australians who suffer with them, and who each July 19th think – surely not another year.

With Labor in government we have renewed hope for the horror to finally come to an end for all those taken offshore by Australia.

On Sunday 17th July, at 2pm, we will walk from Tarntanyangga / Victoria Sq to the Vietnamese Boat People Monument by the Torrens.

We seek for as many as possible of the people of Adelaide to join with us in standing with those still waiting on welcome, and to call for an end to the harm, and an end to indefinite detention without charge.

Please indicate interest/coming on the Facebook event page at 

And invite friends to also join us on the 17th.