Fundraising Concert: Peace, Love and Understanding

Sunday 14 August @Trinity Sessions (318 Goodwood Road, Clarence Park)
Doors and bar open from 2.00 pm, a live music from 2.30 pm.
Featuring Vonda Last, Yiani and Elena, Fergus Maximus, Claire and the Vagaband, Ash and Joseph, Jill Wherry, Hebridean Dancers, Hot Goslings, Women with Latitude and many more.

The Effective Living Centre (Circle 111) and Trinity Sessions are excited to bring you a Concert for Peace, Love and Understanding, with a fantastic line-up of local artists bringing their personal responses to the table in a fabulous afternoon of music, poetry and dance.

“What’s so funny about PeaceLove and Understanding?”

It’s 2022, but the great question asked by Nick Lowe and Elvis Costello (and others) back in the 1970s is as relevant and urgent as ever. 3.2 billion people, a quarter of the world’s population , live in conflict zones: Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, Myanmar, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, the list goes on. Worldwide refugee flows are bigger than ever. Back home in the Land of Oz refugees from conflict zones struggle to make ends meet. And, the great issue of the moment, First Nations Australians still don’t have constitutional recognition in their own country!

Proceeds go to Circle of Friends Australia, supporting asylum seekers and refugees living in the community and in detention, and Unley Statement from the Heart Support Group, promoting VoiceTreatyTruth.

Book your tickets here. Additional donations welcome with ticket purchase.