Appeal: Help Bring an Afghani mother and children to safety

The Family Reunion Circle (115) needs your help to enable an Afghani mother, Sara (name changed for safety reasons) and her five children to travel to Australia. They have been granted a Humanitarian Visa by the Australian Government, but the cost of travel is $30,000 which is beyond the family’s financial means. $10,000 has already been raised, leaving $20,000 to be raised by your donations.

Sara’s sister is already living in Australia and working in a low paid job. She has contributed what she can to bring her sister and her nieces and nephews to safety.

Sara and her family are currently in Pakistan, where fearing for their safety they remain indoors most of the time. Pakistan charges $1,000 per person for an exit visa if they don’t have a current visa to be in Pakistan. Most refugees, like Sara and her young family, do not have a Pakistani Visa and so have to pay to leave the country. Right now air fares from Pakistan to Australia are about $4,000 each due to the reduced flights from covid-19 and higher fuel costs. There will probably be additional costs for the family to get through the gauntlet of Pakistani airports.

Will you help?

  • Make a donation now. Any and every financial donation will help us raise the moneyPlease reference Family Reunion Circle (115) when donating.
  • Share this appeal with friends and family who may be able donate.

Thank you for all the ways you have supported these sorts of appeals in the past and your generosity which encourages me to ask again.

Monica O’Wheel, Family Reunion Circle (115)