Helping people to live with dignity

Supporting people having to start their life over again, alone, and with very little, or no, income has taught us how much we can take for granted. Recently I touched base with an Iranian refugee who is studying at University and received a moving request for help to buy running  shoes. His words were as follows (without editing):

“Hello trisha thats going good thank u very much for helping me. Today i want to tell you regarding buy shoes. I want to ask something can u help me to buy shoes please? I always buy shoes from kmart $30 which is not good for my back recently  have back pain. want to buy runnig shoes but its too expensive.”

When I was able to assure him that we could support a purchase of shoes and recommended a good sports store he responded.

“Thank.u veey much i want to buy second hand shoes on gumtree i could not find also i was shy to tell u. Thank u very much”

Once the shoes were chosen and money transferred to cover payment a further text came through.

“ I bought it . I need the conftablle shoes i had bad back.pain i was shy to.tell u im very very happy.”

This young man is dealing with severe depression so the last 4 words mean a lot!

Thank you to all our donors who enable the Rapid Response Circle to assist refugees and asylum seekers with not only rent and food but also the extra things like well-fitting shoes so that they can live with dignity.

Trish Dundon, Rapid Response Circle (110)

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