Circle 1

Convenors, Tricia Dundon (Hart) and Leeanne Head

Circle 1 works with referring Agencies to fill gaps in support for individuals and families seeking refuge or asylum. Circle 1 pooled its resources with Circle 110 (Rapid Response) 6 years ago. As of September 2018 we have regrouped!

Initially we will help a large Afghani family get on their feet. This family of seven fled from the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2010. The father arrived in Australia in 2011 and received a permanent Visa. In the years since he has sponsored his wife (now 70) and each of his children with the last three arriving in June 2018. They are living on one Pension and one Special Benefit. Funds are urgently needed for food, rent, utilities, Metro cards, a shared mobile phone and personal items.

This Circle is also supporting a Rohingya family of 5 who are appealing a double refusal for asylum.  They are renting land and growing zucchinis to sell at Market in order to survive.

To contribute financially, make a donation via our secure GiveNow platform, or contact us about making a bank transfer.

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