Family Reunion

The Family Reunion Circle (Circle 115) raises funds to provide gifts or interest-free loans to asylum seekers and refugees who are struggling to pay the costs associated with Protection Visas and Family Reunion visas.These applications are often difficult processes that involve a number of expenses such as visa application fees, DNA tests, medical examinations and payment to a migration agent or lawyer for assistance in navigating the complexities of the visa system.

Given the high cost we are unfortunately only able to contribute a part of the costs of any request.To ensure funds are directed to those genuinely in need, we only accept referrals from trusted sources such as the Australian Refugee Association, STTARS, Red Cross, migration agents experienced in refugee work, other Circles of Friends and other organisations supporting refugees and asylum seekers.

Our fund-raising activities are advertised widely and included in the Events page of this website. If you would like to join in our work, contribute to our fund raising or ask any questions please email Monica O’Wheel.