COVID Support Circle

The COVID Support Circle (Catherine Russell C124) is currently supporting more than 150 Bridging Visa holders who have lost their jobs during Coronavirus. Each week the number of these that are given a week’s worth of food is growing. Other BVs still have part-time jobs and need advocacy to know how to cope with rent and energy bills with no money. Some are supported by C124 paying their medical prescriptions or their mobile bills.

Catherine also advocates for asylum seekers (BVs) and refugees (SHEV/TPV) holders in normal times by visiting and fundraising to help them pay for lawyers, driving lessons, laptops, etc.

Catherine also supports those in Adelaide from Nauru and Manus by visiting the ones in detention and in Community Detention, buying clothing for those still in detention and helping those newly in the community.

Donations through our secure Give Now account will be very gratefully received to help these vulnerable people who have no access to any government financial support.