Empowerment Network (Circle 132)

The Empowerment Network Circle (132) has been set up to support the education of girls in Afghanistan. In 2021, when the Taliban took control in Afghanistan, they stopped girls from going to school. But some friends from different places, mostly in Australia, decided to help. They started secret schools for girls in Afghanistan.
They planned carefully and worked with people they trusted inside Afghanistan to find safe places for the schools. Even though it was risky, they managed to set up classrooms in hidden spots in different parts of Afghanistan.

Despite the dangers, girls started coming to these secret schools to learn. More and more joined, eager to get an education despite the Taliban’s rules.

Running the schools wasn’t easy. They faced problems with money, safety, and logistics. But the friends never gave up.

Now, they need help to keep the schools running. Donations are crucial to pay for teachers, supplies, and safety measures. You can donate monthly or once to help run the classes. Alternatively, you can sponsor one or more classes. With just $150, you can support one class of 10 students for a month.

Despite the challenges, these secret schools are shining lights in a dark time for Afghanistan. With help from supporters like you, they can continue to provide hope and education to girls who need it most.

one of the secret classrooms set up to educate girls in Afghanistan