Pilgrim Circle of Friends

Pilgrim Circle of Friends started in 2002 to support asylum seekers detained at Baxter Detention Centre. Members visited detainees regularly and gave support in a variety of ways. In the years since Baxter was closed we have assisted several families in Adelaide and members developed on-going friendships with a refugee family who needed support in several forms to settle in Australia, including help to move house a number of times.

This Circle is currently supporting individuals and families who have nothing and no one to fall back on.We are providing some support to a small number of families referred to us by a migration agent who is a member of the Pilgrim community. Their needs are often very basic and immediate, for example for assistance with rent, utilities bills and food. Some families we know are dependent on a single wage or a single Jobseeker allowance.

Members have also been active in Justice for Refugees and the Australian Refugees Action Network, which lobby the Australian Government to change harsh laws governing the treatment of asylum seekers, and to end indefinite detention.

We would also like to be able to assist with application fees for Safe Haven Enterprise Visas and visas that would enable families to be reunited, and with contributions towards visa application fees. We are currently trying to raise funds to support these needs. You can contribute by making a donation to Pilgrim Circle of Friends.

For more information about Pilgrim Circle of Friends email Bronwen Blight.