Funds urgently needed for basic living costs

The Rapid Response Circle (Circle 110) needs your donations today to ensure that we can continue to meet the needs of highly vulnerable asylum seekers and refugees who have little or no access to social security from the Government.

All Circles are feeling the impact of Covid restrictions which has both reduced fundraising opportunities and led to increasing calls for assistance for basic survival needs such as rent, utilities, food and medication. Without a stable home base, food, clothes, health care, travel and communication capacity, education and job opportunities cannot be taken.

We receive requests for assistance from NGO’s who are experienced in accessing the range of financial and other support available to refugees and asylum seekers. Circle of Friends is a last resort for assistance for these agencies which include Red Cross, AMES Settlement Service and STTARS (Survivors of Torture and Trauma Assistance & Rehabilitation Service).

Current commitments that cannot be met unless we receive additional donations include:-

  • $100 per week to purchase regular “Agency Pays” Foodbank vouchers for two families.
  • $180 per fortnight to contribute to rent ($66) and help with living expenses for an individual. Rent is next due on 25 February.
  • $300 per fortnight for rent for a man currently without work, but in the Red Cross work program. This man also owes and additional $600 borrowed from friends to cover previous rent.
  • $100 per week to cover living expenses for a man with severe depression, no current job and limited income.
  • $75 per month to cover medication for a person with very severe asthma
  • $50 per week towards petrol and school lunches for a woman with three children. This mother has no Visa or income. Several groups are collaborating to support this family.
  • $1500 per fortnight (based on costings worked out with Case Manager) for a mother and three children, newly alone and with no income until she finds work. This includes rent of $720 due 18 February. Rentals are hard to source so it is imperative the family remains housed with utilities paid until their earning capacity is settled. The Effective Living Centre Circle is providing assistance with finding employment.

In addition, from time to time these, and one other family of four with part time work, need help with bills for electricity, water, mobile phones, car registration and the like.

Any donation you can give, once off or ongoing will be life saving. (When donating via our secure Give Now page, please use reference of Circle 110.)

Tricia Dundon, Co-convenor, Rapid Response Circle