Appeal: Help Paul* remain in his home

The Rapid Response for Refugees Circle (Circle 110) receives a number of referrals from specialised Refugee Support Agencies including STTARS (Survivors of Torture and Trauma Assistance and Rehabilitation Service), Australian Refugee Association (ARA) and the Red Cross for immediate practical assistance and comfort to people who are very vulnerable and in desperate need. We are contacted as a last resort where the Support Agencies can’t find the necessary financial or practical support for clients. So we are aware of the need to provide immediate assistance.

Paul* is one of the people who has been referred to us. At the start of the year he had his application for a refugee visa refused and subsequently had his Centrelink income terminated. Paul is entitled to appeal the visa refusal and is currently doing so. However until the appeal is heard he has to live without any income. This appeal has been postponed by the Government twice now. Our circle has been supporting Paul for the past few months but is now finding it difficult to continue. If you can help please make a donation now using reference of “110 Paul”.

“Paul” who is also dealing with a chronic illness which requires ongoing medical supervision, lives on a budget of only $200 per week. He pays $130 rent, spends $10 on transport and puts aside $60 per week for food. Mobile phone and other costs come from a small emergency payment received monthly from an Aid Agency. Circle 110 has been providing the $200 per week but we are struggling to continue to meet this relatively small amount each week and meet all out other commitments.

We are looking for a few people who can contribute to his support until his appeal in June this year. All you have to do is use our secure Give Now donation page and with reference of “110 Paul.”

If things get better for Paul there will be an immediate update on this site and you can review your donation (subscribe to our News updates to receive email notifications of new news items). Amounts over $2 are tax deductible.

If you would like more information on this case contact us.

*name has been changed to maintain privacy and to ensure there are no impacts on his appeal for asylum.