“Paul*” – An Update

A few moths ago we posted an appeal to support an Asylum Seeker who was without income (read full appeal here). As promised here is and update on his situation. There’s good news and not so good news.

The initial decision was that Paul did have grounds to Appeal his rejection for a Protection Visa. Unfortunately he was again rejected and faces the possibility of return to his home country.

He has one last option which he is exploring currently.

As said previously, Paul is also dealing with a chronic illness which requires ongoing medical supervision. He lives on a budget of only $200 per week. He pays $130 rent, spends $10 on transport and puts aside $60 per week for food. Mobile phone and other costs come from a small emergency payment received monthly from an Aid Agency.

He has been greatly encouraged by the donations made specifically for him since this Appeal was first made. There have been enough, so far, to support him until the end of July. All of the money donated goes directly to his account.

Circle 110 is still seeking donations on his behalf. At present there is no information about a further Appeal but it is clear his precarious situation will continue into August.

As before, all you have to do is use our secure Give Now donation page  with the reference of “110 Paul.”

A huge thank you to all who have contributed so far. You are giving moments of relief and happiness as well as helping with survival.

*name has been changed to maintain privacy and to ensure there are no impacts on his appeal for asylum.