Supporting Refugee Education for 19 years

The St Ignatius Refugee Education Circle (Circle 106) was established in early 2002 and has operated continuously since then. The members focus on helping refugees and asylum seekers gain educational qualifications to enable them to lead dignified lives and to join the Australian workforce in jobs that allow them to support their families appropriately.

This year, we have funded requests from 8 students. As always the needs of the students they support is varied with the most recent funds spent on reimbursements to scholarship holders for Student Amenity fees, two computers, fees for university entrance exams, two sets of TAFE level fees for Certificate courses and help to one student to meet the requirements for field placement in a Human Movement degree.

After the COVID closure last year, we were able to resume our Mothers’ Day Flower Stall again this year.  We enjoyed convivial community participation as we gathered on Saturday morning to make donated flowers and greenery into posies and arrangements for sale. We included a cake raffle that continued the flower theme and handed out thumbnail sketches showing how funding helps students.We are grateful to all you participated in this event.

Until May, the requests this year have been minimal. Recently other refugee services have become aware that we are again in a position to fund more student requests, resulting in more referrals. To fund the increased level of referrals for assistance the St Ignatius Refugee Education Circle will hold an appeal in our Parish community over the weekend of 24-25 July.

Contributions to St Ignatius Refugee Education Circle help students like B.

B, oldest son of a family of eight, arrived from Syria on a Permanent Humanitarian Visa. With assistance from our Refugee Education Fund,he completed a training course in Security Operations and to the delight of his family he is now employed and getting on with his life.

To support education for refugees and asylum seekers donate via our secure Give Now page with reference of Circle 106 or fill in our donation form and return by email.