505 People still without lasting settlement option

From the Refugee Council of Australia Press Release from 24 March 2022 “Australians welcome NZ’s generosity to refugees in offshore processing“:

“Of the 3,127 people sent to detention in Nauru and Manus Island in 2013 and 2014 under Australia’s offshore processing policy, around 1,384 people remain in Nauru, PNG and Australia. There are around 270 refugees with applications for the United States and 159 current applications for sponsorship to Canada as part of Operation #NotForgotten, the community partnership led by RCOA, MOSAIC in Vancouver and Ads Up Canada. If all of these places are filled and 450 refugees are resettled to New Zealand, 505 people in Nauru, PNG and Australia will be left with no solution.”

In summary:

Total people in need of resettlement: 1,384

  Current resettlement places available:
➢ ~270 people still in USA process1
➢ ~159 people active in Canadian process2
➢ 450 places (150 places each year over three years) with New Zealand
Total resettlement places available: ~ 879
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